Friday, 25 May 2012

That Stone

I wrote another poem, I did. A bit different.

Inspired by a poem from my amazing writer friend Ben. But not at all about him.

I saw you there
In that stone

At first, I ignored it
I passed it by on my way
Not giving it another thought

It was there
Creeping over my neck
That sensation to look back
Just to check

I stopped
And looked ahead
Not wanting to look back
Yet unable to move forward
Thinking but not recognising
This moment
Would change it all

Then I could see
All too late

That smooth stone
Which I’d passed easily
Was jagged
Treacherous in its benignity

If I’d stepped
If I’d slipped
If I’d looked closer

I would have known
I would have seen

You were there
In that stone

1 comment:

  1. There once was a girl called Tori,
    Not the political party. Saury,
    Is an arctic beaked fish,
    It won't grant you three wish',
    But it's not a white wood like Kauri.

    How's that for random poetry? BOOM. Also, yours was very nice. Not sure wat it's about. Kinda dreamy. Something about a stone. :)